Delta Rune

Deltarune is a brand new story and even a brand new life of the characters you know from Undertale. Sounds like a mystery, isn’t it? Well, despite the fact that the worlds of both games are similar and two different stories are not the same, together they do compose a perfect combination and a whole picture of the strange and incredibly interesting world created by Toby Fox. By the way, he only had an opportunity to develop a game that looks more like a demo version than a full title. Why so? The reason is trivial. Fox doesn’t have a team of helpers to support him and work on the project together. And he really needs them to finish his work. Well, as he says, creating a small version of Deltarune that takes no more than three hours of gameplay took him a couple of years, which is a pretty long. He believes that there is no sense in making a full version alone because this will take a ridiculously long period of time and there are no chances that anybody will be waiting for it for so long. However, if he manages to find a team to work with, we will see new chapters of the game before we become grandmothers and grandfathers. By the way, he is really motivated and has serious plans about it! This is a conclusion you can make from reading his Twitter posts and from the existing game that has a subtitle of Chapter #1. Does it mean that we will have a Chapter #2 and a Chapter #3 and even more? We hope so. At the same time, Deltarune is so complicated for development because it has significant improvements comparing to Undertale. For example, here you will have three different characters playing as a team at the same time but you won’t be able to fully control them all the time (you will do so at some levels). Also, the graphics is much more advanced now. There is a number of new characters and therefore game-segments are more complex now. It’s a pity that Fox doesn’t have any teaming-up experience right now and has doubts about a possibility to arrange a team project of Deltarune. As he says, it may take about a thousand years to create a game he wants if he doesn’t gather a group of enthusiasts. At the same time, both community and game creator are excited about the perspectives.

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