Deltarune on PC

In Deltarune you start the game with a number of questions. They are necessary to create your character and put you into a full game. Yes, the game design, environment, and atmosphere are just like those you have already seen in Undertale. You will recognize Toby Fox’s style from the first glance. Also, some characters that were present in Undertale will also take part in this new adventure, but there something slightly different from the first part you are already familiar with. According to the small part of this game that is already available, we have all rights to expect for a continuation and maybe a really epic saga about the universe of both parts. It feels like the second part will uncover all the endless secrets of the first one and this is something that a large army of fans was waiting for. All these years they were trying to figure out what is the deep sense of Undertale. In this game, you will play for three different character at once. However, you are controlling just one of them and it is a young girl called Kris. She has fallen into a portal to a parallel world during one of her school days. Sounds pretty natural for the world or human-like animals, right? What is more, she has a companion and maybe she is not very lucky with that. Her companion is a well-known school-hooligan Suzie, a tough girl who loves violence above all. The third member of the team is a cute-looking magician Ralsei and he can put pacifying and sleeping spells on monsters to avoid killing them. The gameplay is absolutely amazing and the dialogues will please you for sure. Hopefully, Toby Fox will have an opportunity to release a full version of the game someday.

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