DeltaRune Chapter 2

Gamers that have already played Undertale need to hurry up and play Deltarune as fast as possible. We bet that this is a kind of experience you shouldn’t miss. Both games take place in alternative universes and presents some similar characters. Also, they cover the same plot-features and topics. No need to say that graphics, writing, and sound are just perfect. Despite the fact that Deltarune is not a continuation of Undertale, you should play the first game before you start the second one just to immerse yourself into this charming world of adorable monsters and smart jokes. Incredible thing is that everything you can see in these games is done by one person, Toby Fox, who really knows how to approach every element of an RPG. Unfortunately, Fox doesn’t have enough resources to finish his work on the full version of Deltarune. So currently we have only one chapter of this story to check out.

Judging from this short demo-version, a large story is going to be really incredible and we hope that he will gain an opportunity to launch it over time. Just like in the previous one, you are going to explore a strange world where monsters and other unusual creatures live. You will confront with creatures all the time and there are two options for you to choose from: talking and fighting. And be aware that talking in Deltarune is much more engaging and interesting than fighting! First, the game author has a real writing talent and a good taste in absurd jokes, so if you are a fan of that kind of humor, we guarantee that you will find the dialogues amazing. What is more, talking improves your magical moves and makes your feelings sharper, so you will become able to feel the enemies’ intention better. Now you are not alone in your adventure, there are two other characters with you – Suzie, your classmate, and mysterious Ralsei, a magician. Suzie is all about fighting while Ralsei is all about putting the monsters to sleep and dealing with conflicts in a peaceful way. You are a leader of the group and the main actor, however, be prepared that you won’t have any direct influence on their behavior. Instead, you will have to come up with real strategies on how to control your team-mates and follow your plans. The only minus about Deltarune is that there are pretty small chances that we will see the full game soon. Toby cannot afford spending, as he says, “about 1000 years” on the game, so he needs to hire a team of game designers, artists, and coders.

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