Undertale 3

Talking instead of fighting and defeating enemies with the power of speech instead of trying to kill them. This is a pacifistic message all true fans of Deltarune stick to. Indeed, when the game provides with a unique experience of that kind, there is no way you can neglect it. Undertale 3 has more messages than just replacing violence with non-violence. We think that the main theme of the game is a problem of determination and it brings it to a significantly new level of narration. What does it mean? Well, if you remember the previous part called Undertale (and you cannot remember this masterpiece if you have already played it), there is a limited freedom of actions available for you there. At the same time, all of your decisions have sense. The game even features numerous endings and it is your responsibility to arrive at one of them. In Deltarune, you may choose whether to defeat enemies with physical strength or with your wittiness during a funny (and sometimes deeply philosophical) talk. Here the most interesting parts of the game are based on dialogues and you are to choose the versions of your replies. Your choice really matters here. At the same time, the game has just one ending option, as Toby Fox, the game creator, claims. So the outcome is still the same, no matter what you do. Whether you choose fighting or talking – you still end in the same spot. What really matters is your ability to make choices that seem better than all the rest. If you believe that talking is better and more interesting than fighting – well, let’s say that this is something like a moral choice. And this is why the Deltarune and Undertale fans don’t show too much respect to those players who prefer struggling above pacifism.

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