Undertale 2019

One person can give birth to a real masterpiece. And this is exactly the story of games known as Undertale and Deltarune. Their developer is Toby Fox and he was the one to launch a real example of today’s classics of indie-games world. The reason why these series are so popular is simple. First, the nostalgic old school design made with love and attention to every detail is something that really appeals to every player. Second, the entire story of these games is a real mystery and it has a potential to evoke interpretations, feelings, and fantasies. Indie-game fans love mysteries and freedom of interpretation above all. In this part, you will meet a couple of new characters – Kris and Suzie, two schoolgirls who have accidently appeared in another world. The entire game is pretty short and it won’t take you more than a couple of hours to pass all the levels. Numerous struggles are waiting for you in this part, too. You will walk through a strange world and meet strange creatures on every step. You can choose whether to fight the enemies or to behave in a non-violent way and just… talk to them. The dialogues written by Fox are really worth your attention, so don’t miss them! By the way, the community of Deltarune and Undertale fans have their own non-violent philosophy and they spread this message (along with tons of fan-content) through the web. The other interesting fact about Deltarune is that it has a couple of glitches and bugs made for purpose and accidently. The ones that are made for purpose can bring your save-files to chaos and even “damage” the screen to create a sort of disturbing effect. There is another glitch and it is claimed to be accidental (but who knows!). This one is related to uninstaller. The trick is when you try to uninstall the game, the program deletes everything that is stored in the same file-folder. So make sure to download the game in a separate one to avoid any surprises. Or just let it stay on your PC. Forever.

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