Deltarune Minecraft

Before the game starts, the player is asked to choose his future body and answer some questions. You need to choose your favorite taste, blood group, and a mental gift for your character (intelligence, kindness, courage, voice, ambition). Also, you should say what are your feelings towards your creation (love, disgust, fear, hope). After that, the mysterious “voice” will ask you whether your responds were honest. If you accept that you are ready to feel pain, you are released to the world. You have to choose the name for your creation and this is the last step before the “voice” says that everything was a lie and nobody can choose who he is in this world. So the game begins. You play for Kris, a schoolgirl, and this is your another learning day in Minecraft World. Mom brings you to school and you meet your friends there (most of the characters were already present in Undertale). This must be not your day today because the teacher assigns you to do a project in a pair with rude class-bully Suzie.

What is even worse, she asks both of you to go and bring some chalk. The supply closet appears to be unusual. There are corridors and rooms there, so you are curious and decide to check it out. However, the floor disappears all of a sudden you fall down, to a Kingdom of Darkness. This is a pretty strange place with no less strange creatures living there. Your and Suzie’s clothes and bodies change. The strange creatures begin to attack you and you have no choice but to run away as fast as you can. In a while, you appear in a small town where everything looks pretty gloomy and all the buildings, including shops and houses, are empty. There is a large fortress on the horizon with a black fountain on the top. Girls decide to go right there. At some moment they meet someone in a raincoat and he declares that he is a prince of this kingdom. He informs you that there is a legend about two heroes from the other world who will come and save these lands. Not sure that you really want to become heroes but rather dreaming of finding the way home, you start the journey along with this creature. Now you are a team and each of you has his or her own abilities and skills, so you will have to arrange them in a proper way during the game to pass all the levels successfully.

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