Deltarune: Undertale’s Sans

Spend three hours of your free time to check Deltarune, an amazing game from the Undertale author. This is the type of game you want to immerse yourself as deep as possible and look at every small detail in the universe created with such an attention and passion. To be honest, Deltarune might be one of the most mysterious games and numerous of fans will surely agree with this. This title leaves so many questions and a catastrophically small amount of hints and answers. Maybe, this is something that makes the playing experience that amazing. First mystery is the plot of the franchise. It is almost impossible what are the temporal and environmental relations between Undertale and Deltarune. These two games are more like parallel stories that have similar and even the same elements but are absolutely different. Some characters are already familiar to you, the others are not. And when you start thinking about the themes and game elements, you realize that this is something more complicated than just a funny and cute-looking RPG. Second, the next part of the franchise gives a strong feeling that this is just a small piece of a large narration and you know so little about the universe of the game and its rules. By the way, the universe does have a set of rules that are not very strict but intuitively understandable and this even turns some game-fans to real fanatics. We are talking about that talking vs fighting options, which are the most important part of the game. Talking is not only an option that makes the game richer. Yes, you should try it yourself: taking parts in the dialogues with monsters feels more like reading a funny and smart book written by some absurdist. Also, talking provides you with better skills and opens new opportunities for your characters. This message was accepted as a claim for peace by all fans all over the world. And even when your team-mate Suzie forces a fight during a game, make sure that you stop her or ask Ralsei to use a sleeping spell. Pacifism is everything. While there are still a lot of strange and mysterious things for you to discover in both Deltarune and Undertale, you should try playing both to have a really full experience. Despite the fact that you don’t really need to know all the events that have happened before, you are recommended to combine these two series to have more fun.

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