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Undertale, a small video indie-game, is unique in many ways. First, it is the first game where you can choose to deal with your enemies without violence. Instead, you are welcome to take part in a series of witty dialogues and get rid of everyone who stands on your way. And your way is a world-saving mission, so make sure that you are really good at talking. Or at least at fighting. Good news for those who have already played this marvelous game: the new part is already launched and it is called Deltarune. The trick is that Deltarune has a lot in common with Undertale, however, it is significantly more than just a clone or a continuation of the same story. Both games have a large fandom. The community of gamers is really fond of both parts and they have produced tons of content related to the universe of Undertale and Deltarune. What is more, if you are looking forward to join this community, you have to be aware that its members not hold those who attack the monsters in high regard. In fact, isn’t it a really nice and interesting experience to pass the game without confronting with enemies? We bet that you have never tried this out. Of course, there were no such games that provided you with such an opportunity. However, Deltarune does and why don’t you check it out? Sometimes, avoiding fights with monsters will be not that easy. As a player, you will have to cooperate with other characters and pass the game in a group. At the same time, you will not have a full control over the group members and sometimes they will do what they want. For example, your closest friend Suzie always prefers to kick someone rather than to have a conversation. Make sure that you have a strategy on how to deal with the impulses of your comrades and yourself. For instance, you can always use magic to convince people. And it works! So get ready to another mission that requires your best skills in both talking and fighting to save the entire planet. Happy playing!

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