The 16-bit RPG Deltarune is definitely one of the most ambiguous indie-games you have ever met. Indeed, it leaves players with a lot of questions and the answers seem to be not so obvious. This is a second part, or it is better to say, an alternative narrative of Undertale, a previous game from the same developer (Toby Fox). The game starts with a small scene that looks like a nightmarish dream. Thus, when you open your eyes, you appear in the old and familiar environment and see the characters you already know. It is another school day and you go to your class where all the familiar faces are present. Well, just a normal day of zoomorphic monsters! You meet a new character – an aggressively-looking young girl, tall and tough. This is Suzie and she is a well-known school-bully. The teacher asks you and Suzie to go get some chalk and this is where the real events begin to occur. The closet where all the supplies are stored turns to be a portal into a parallel world and you fall there together with Suzie.

The game is full of your most beloved elements of the previous part and moves on. You will find yourself on battlefields from time to time and face various creature to fight with.You won’t meet any unimportant characters here, so every encounter is your potential opponent in a fight and this makes the game go smoothly. Maybe, the best thing about Deltarune (and its predecessor Undertale) is the dialogues, which are absolutely amusing and full of witty humor as well as well-arranged smart absurd.  Instead of fighting, you are encouraged to make your way with the help of speech. Anyway, you are not forbidden to kick and push them, however, talking improves your senses and skills, and therefore makes the game much more interesting. In fact, this is a unique feature you will hardly find anywhere else, so why not using it? Now you have a team with you. It consists of Ralsei, who has healing magic, and Suzie, you already know her, and she continues being a bully, since she acts as a warrior with all that violent habits. The actions of the group can be partly controlled. Ralsei is able to put sleeping and calming spells and Suzie… well, Suzie is a fighter and sometimes she will try to start a fight even if you don’t want this to happen.

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