Deltarune Ralsei

The grade of mystery around Deltarune is incredibly high. There are certain connections between this game and its previous part Undertale with Ralsei but nobody can name them for sure. On the one hand, the world is pretty similar to the one that we have already seen. On the other hand, it is not the same at all. Next, there are some characters you have met before. However, there are also the new ones that were not present in the previous game. It is tempting to say that the same characters are now experiencing a new universe and we are to join them in such an adventure. However, this is not something that can be said for sure! Indeed, there are so many versions of what is happening in these games and what are the connection between two stories that it is almost impossible to come up to a single conclusion. However, do we need one? When you have such an amazing game at hand, you can just enjoy it and this is exactly what we offer to do. Well, maybe this is the main secret of the game, who knows. You play for Kris, a teenage girl, whose journey will be full of talks, fun, jokes, and unexpected twists. There are two other characters with you – Suzie and Ralsei. All of you have different skills and abilities. As a leader, you will have to learn how to combine your strong sides and reach maximum success in a game. Sometimes, you will come up with pretty complicated plans that require a couple of steps to be accomplished. Attacking, talking and healing/putting spells are the main things you are going to do on your way.

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