Deltarune for Android

The reason for Undertale’s popularity is simple: there are amazing characters, smart catchwords, and atmospheric soundtrack. What is more, a wide range of options during the game make the plot hard to predict. As a result, you may come to various endings that depend on your decisions during the story. The only problem with Undertale might be that the game is pretty short and chances are that you want to have more of that adorable world to explore. Well, now you have such an opportunity because the new game from the same author is already available and it is Deltarune. This title includes all the best elements of the first one. What is more, you will find some significant improvements of struggles, mechanics, and storytelling. With all that things, Deltarune becomes something more than just a prequel or a sequel of Undertale. It is an alternative narration that has a lot features to amaze you with. You will meet a lot of characters you already know from Undertale. Talking about the environment and the time period of the events that take place in Deltarune, it is really hard to say whether there are any time and space at all. We mean that the placement seems like a middle of nowhere. The soundtrack is also new here, including a couple of rearranged and remixed themes from the previous game. As for the graphics, they are still in that adorable 16-bit style. Hopefully, you don’t have an epilepsy, because some levels of the game will have very bright colors and players are recommended to be cautious! So enjoy both new and old features of a beloved Deltarune/Undertale universe!

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